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aux epices is here!

After five years of various adventures, we have found a great and intimate place on Baxter Street to serve our delicious fare from Franklin Station Cafe, and then some.

"Aux Epices", our aptly named Malaysian Bistro, is between Chinatown and Little Italy, but the cuisine and service are unique in this little oasis amidst cookie-cutter restaurants. Our dishes are natural, healthy and hearty, grounded in Malaysian roots and accentuated by Chef Mei Chau's International Bistro creativity and flair. The ambience and decor are equally warm and inviting, providing a welcoming, comfortable and pleasing setting among Marc Kaczmarek's photographic works of art with a marvelous and unexpected selection o plementary to our unique culinary experience. Our Cappuccino rivals any in the city.

As we have in the past, we will continue providing take-out and delivery.